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Shop By. Shopping Options Category. Nominal power. Total power. Power supply unit PSU form factor. Cooler Master 1 item Corsair 1 item. Add to Compare. Add to Cart. Quick view. Buy Latest computer power supply for your PC builds or simply the latest upgrade at low prices Power supply units PSUs are often overlooked when building a desktop computer system. A poor quality power supply can greatly reduce the lifespan of a good system or cause instability. A high-quality one can also help reduce the noise or heat generated within a computer system.

Whether you are buying one for a new computer or replacing an old unit, here at Austin Computers we could assist you for purchasing a desktop PC power supply.

Best Power Supply Units for Gaming in 12222

Visit one of our stores or Shop online today for the latest power supply! What you get at this price point is similar quality with additional capacity. One exception is the Rosewill's ARC series of power supplies which give you a good amount of bang for your buck.

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The ARC uses a single strong 12V rail which is good for gaming systems. For capacity, it's available in capacities as low as watts and as high as If you're working in a tight space, consider one of the "M" versions of this power supply. These modular options add a clean and simple look to your system overall. Perhaps the best part about the ARC is that it's nearly silent. It uses a quiet mm fan that's unnoticeable while typing at your desk.

Here's the one I'm recommending right now. Here you'll get something that should last 5 to ten years. In addition, you're likely to get a better warranty and better efficiency overall. Considering that you're trying to keep your equipment safe along with saving some money, I'm surprised that more builders don't start here. In terms of getting the best value for your money, there are several recommendations I'd make here. Yes, a good rebate on a good month can certainly change this and if you can go with a quality company like a Seagate for the same price as someone else, it's a no-brainer.

However, the next power supply on this list is a tier 1 option that is almost always available at a reasonable price. It fits the mold for mid to upper range builds across the board. For capacity, it's available as low as W and as high as W. In terms of quality, it's top notch with Japanese capacitors, a ten-year warranty, and full modularity for cable management. It also looks fantastic. All the cables are braided and the paint job is impressive.

In the past, it's received a PC Perspective Editor's choice awards and continues to shine in terms of quality. Capacity for this option goes up to w. Need a good power supply for a high-end gaming PC? There are many options available, but here are a couple I'd recommend. If you're spending this much, you're looking for high capacity and quality. Any time a manufacturer gives that much faith in a product, you know the quality must be good. That quality goes beyond just paper stats. That being said, the G2 does have high-quality Japanese capacitors and is relatively quiet for its size.

It also includes heavy-duty over voltage, under voltage, over current, over power, and short circuit protection. Beyond this, I like Platinum models from Seasonic in the same price range. It's fully modular and from a trusted brand in the power supply industry. In addition, runs without the fan most of the time. In other words, it's nearly silent. This is especially true in hybrid mode. For energy efficiency, it's platinum rated and thus one of the best you'll find. For design, the fully modular cables, black paint design, and grey painted words are all top notch.

PCWorld Categories

Clearly, there are many more quality options in this price range to pick from. Still, these are the two options I prefer. Want to know more about what power supply you need? Here's some information that might help. Questions are also welcome in the comment section below. Your power supply takes the AC power from your wall and converts into DC voltage that your computer's electronic components use. Here are a few good reasons to get a good power supply upfront when building a gaming PC.

I'll show you just how much you more you can save with this efficiency below.

Efficiency levels are graded from standard, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. This would be an acceptable assumption for a high-end rig. Also, let's assume that your computer is left on 8 hours a day. How much would you save in a year by having the more efficient power supply?

Power Supplies (PSU) - Lowest Prices in SA

First, let's see what each one would cost. Converting that to kWh you'd have a total of 3. FSP's Dagger W is great for compact builds due to its high efficiency ratings and full modularity. These features make it easier to install while also keeping high temperatures at bay, which is important to consider with any small form factor build. Whether you love it or hate it, RGB has just about made its way to every single component in the PC hardware space.

A light up power supply is only natural if you're one of the few builders on a mission to fill an entire case with RGB components. There aren't a whole lot of options since most modern cases cover the entire power supply, but the Gamdias Astrape would be our main recommendation here. The Astrape G features high quality Japanese capacitors, 80 Plus Gold certification and fully modular cables.

Fully Modular PC Power Supplies

These animations were much nicer than the other options we've tested, but the controls are inconveniently located behind the power supply. Gamdias isn't the most reputable brand when it comes to power supplies, but the Astrape is built with high quality capacitors backed by a ten-year warranty.

Digitally monitored power supplies have been around for a few years now, but none have come bundled with as useful a software as NZXT's E-series. The E is one of the most expensive Watt Gold certified power supplies on the market, yet we can't help but recommend it in this guide. The build quality, design and overall feature set make it a solid choice for enthusiast builds. Additional insights include temperatures, power on time, voltage and fan speeds. Most users won't find this information terribly useful, but for those concerned or curious to know exactly how much power their PC and its parts are consuming, NZXT's E is the most consumer-friendly option available.

The 80 Plus certification standard has been around for quite some time now, but only recently has the 80 Plus Titanium certification become available. Unlike the Bronze through Platinum certifications, Titanium is the only level that measures efficiency at low loads. This is particularly important since most power supplies aren't operating at full load all of the time.

There aren't a whole lot of options available when it comes to Titanium rated PSUs, but Seasonic's Prime Titanium would have to be our favorite. This power supply is likely the beefiest one you'll need. Unless you're running a full stack of power hungry AMD gpus, Watts is more than enough for a high end machine.

The Prime Titanium features everything you'd expect in a high end PSU including the highest quality internal components, fully modular cables and a suite of useful accessories. Best of all, the power supply comes with a staggering year warranty. It certainly says a lot about reliability when a company is willing to back their product for over a decade.

Seasonic's Prime Titanium may be pricey, but a high end machine deserves a high end power supply. An 80 PLUS Titanium certified power supply is more efficient than a Bronze one, meaning the internal components are subjected to less heat and are likely to have a longer lifespan.

TOP 10: Best PC Power Supply (PSU) 2019!

This also means fans don't have to work as hard, and are quieter in efficient power supplies. They may cost a bit more, but higher certified power supplies do tend to be more reliable than others. This is why reliability, customer support, warranty and manufacturer reputations are among the first things we looked for when choosing the best power supplies. Since there isn't exactly a single solution that makes sense for every build, we decided on a number of categories to fit the needs of more PC gamers.

For each, we also took into account budgets, compatibilities, unique features and designs.