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The Good Wrestler! My first custom character clearly isn t wowing them, so it s time to duck back behind the curtain and revise my gimmick.

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These people want spectacle, and they re going to get it. While 2K15 axes several features from its vast creative suite, its create-asuperstar mode is as strong as ever and this is where The Good Wrestler is reborn. First, pick the proportions. I like the idea of a super heavyweight dwarf so I keep his turnip figure, resisting the temptation to turn him bright purple because that would be ridiculous.

On to the wardrobe. He ll need leather pants, obviously, and black biker gloves to contrast with his pasty white skin, and in homage to his Canadian upbringing, two tasteful maple leaf tattoos. And for that wow factor, thigh-based arrows pointing to his crotch. He s a patchwork of clashing styles, a designed-by-committee monstrosity, if that committee was different portions of my faulty brain. I fine-tune his entrance choreography for maximum impact.

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Starting with the ramp animation which, in this case, involves pretending to speak on the phone like he s finalising a business deal and the 30, people in the audience are somehow inconveniencing him. As my guy rushes past the camera you can see the word Hi written defiantly on his back. I ve got a trick up my sleeve if the crowd can resist a curled moustache and kneehigh gym socks, and it involves multiple loud explosions.

While The Good Wrestler does his thing, I spot some crowd signs hand-picked by yours truly. They all read Oooh, feisty! Approaching the ring, TGW abruptly slows to a saunter and climbs the turnbuckle to perform a move that ll blow everyone s minds: the kiss-blow. But disaster strikes! Poor planning results in a white-hot pillar of fire exploding out of the corner while my wrestler poses on it seductively.

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The crowd boos loudly. Why do I care, you might be wondering, given that I gave the game a bit of a kicking in my review. What is it? Wrestling fans cherish the past to a degree that any outsider would find mawkish. Sadly, this information seems to have done strange things to Japanese developer Yuke s. After a year wait, the veteran grap-masters have finally delivered to PC a terrific wrestling game… so long as you ve a DeLorean on hand to whisk you back to last summer.

When WWE 2K15 landed on consoles in November, my chief criticism was that its roster felt months out of date. So it s simply staggering that this port is identical to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, both in and out of the ring. Case in point: current hot property Seth Rollins. His outfit, theme, and entrance video all stem from his days in tag team The Shield—which split on June 2 last year, all of 11 months ago. This perhaps could fly under radar were it not for the fact that Rollins is the company s reigning world champion. Dean Ambrose is similarly kitted out in outdated Shield garb with old Shield music.

Fandango sashays down the aisle with blonde dance partner Summer Rae in tow, despite the pair breaking up half a year ago.

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Stardust is still called Cody Rhodes. And on I could go. The bottom line is that no matter how great the wrestling itself—and for the most part, it s a load of fun—you never feel like you re playing a game that matches the current WWE product. And after a decade-and-a-half spent clamouring for this series to hit PC, that s a Brock-Lesnar-weighty blow.

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It s especially grating because inside the squared circle, the attention to detail longed for in all areas of 2K15 is abundant. Wrestlers move and grapple with pleasing heft, seamlessly obeying your commands to transition between holds and reversals.

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Attempt a move near the ropes and your grappler moves his foe closer to the centre of the ring to make a follow-up pin attempt easier; ascend the turnbuckles and your opponent subtly moves himself into position to take your move, in an intelligent and deliberate nod to the choreographed ballet of bruises that is real WWE. Bell to bell, the in-ring action feels refreshingly authentic.

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